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Engineering group of companies STEM specializes in integrated design infrastructure facilities, wholesale supplies of equipment and materials, lighting and electro technical goods, and includes the following business segments:

  • Services – lighting design, engineering service, architectural project, installation and electrical work.

  • Manufacture – non-standard lighting fixtures, Paver LED – luminous paver blocks, street lighting poles.

Our company was established in 2007, and today we have accumulated a lot of experience in each of our segments.

For 14 years, we have implemented more than 1000 projects in the field of construction and reconstruction of facilities infrastructure, commercial and private real estate, delivered materials and performed installation work for many industrial and commercial companies, medical and educational institutions, roads and city streets , sports complexes, shopping malls, entertainment and logistics centers, offices and warehouses.

Our team of more than 50 professionals is able to complete complex and non-standard projects using the latest technical developments in BIM (building information modeling) methods, as well as provide integrated design and support of work at all stages of construction.

Many well-known development and construction companies, such as Megaline, Budmarket, have been cooperating with us for many years, and have appreciated the quality of our goods and services.

Unique STEM projects have been implemented in numerous shopping malls and business centers, such as MOST CITY, Cascade Plaza, Nasha Pravda , Europe,New Center, Prizma, and also in BaDM logistics center, BaDM head offices, CRYSTALBANK, Creative State coworking, basketball clubs BC Dnipro and BC Prometey, TOYOTA showroom.

STEM participated in a number of large-scale city projects, such as the overhaul of Yuriy Kondratyuk Street, Troitskaya Street, Troitskaya Square, Shoduarovskaya Street in Dnipro.

We invite commercial companies, private customers, investors, development and construction companies, representatives of the mayor’s office and municipalities, system integrators, architectural bureaus, design studios, power engineers and engineers, agents for cooperation – everyone who wants and loves to create new high-quality living and working spaces for people.